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Spending a few days in Sunnyvale, California. It’s an area outside of San Francisco - at the new Mercedes-Benz R&D facility. It’s the first automotive company to open doors to a research center in Silicon Valley.
It’s a strategic move that the German automotive company is making to invest heavily into its technology movement. For so long, the auto industry has been plagued by slow reaction times in terms of the rapidly changing tech, mobile and App landscaope. This, in part, is on account of things like a lag in design and production times. The average “new” car on the road is typically 6-8 years old in terms of components, design and technologic firmware as it takes that long to design, test and roll things out to the production line.
So the majority of the focus of the new facility is to serve the advancement of these research-based projects that are intended to catapult the company into the forefront of the “drivable tech” movement (yes, I just made that term up).
In addition to unveiling the facility, Mercedes-Benz also debuted a 1:1 Ratio, one-of-one concept Vision Gran Turismo. The car was created in conjunction with the video game Gran Turismo 6 and is playable exclusively in the video game. The car was never intended to hit actual production, but was a specially designed car for the latest GT installment.  

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